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Vududldi Records is the home of independent artists like the fantastic ambient queen MC Grisdinili, rising leftfield star Trash-Can-Man or the progressive experimental Jakes Trash.

Our Ladys Transbavaria Psychosista and Mata Hara Kiri assure with tracks far away from mainstream.


MC Grisdinili‘s 6th album has been released in 2020!

On the 2nd of February 2020 the album „Lots of Sapra“ by MC Grisdinili has been released!

MC Grisdinili has taken her time with this sixth album Lots of Sapra. And this serenity is the sort of vibe you hear in each of the 13 songs. The listener gets a full load of chillout, jazz, world, electro and ambient tunes with a percussive and magical sound carpet.

Wounded Knee convinces with it's shamanic magic. The jazz brush is stirred vigorously in Baptized Mouse and Tailor Black.

All tracks evolve their own dynamic with an almost mantra-like suction effect thanks to MC Grisdinili's sapra and spirit based on manifold rhythms.

Lots of Sapra shows a fresh derivative in sound and song structures. Fans and connoisseurs will feel right at home on this brilliant album! As a bonus, the song titles offer witty brain teasers based on selected Bavarian-English word games.

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