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Vududldi Records is the home of independent artists like the fantastic ambient queen MC Grisdinili, rising leftfield star Trash-Can-Man or the progressive experimental Jakes Trash.

Our Ladys Transbavaria Psychosista and Mata Hara Kiri assure with tracks far away from mainstream.


Mata Hara-Kiri‘s 2nd album is out now!

At 14th of February 2019 the album „They take it from the living“ by Mata Hara-Kiri is released.

Mata Hara-Kiri commits her soul on her second album „They Take It From The Living“ to the strange characters that can be found in abandoned fairgrounds or at fairs. The basis for this Cajun Roux is presented by the virtually presence of the creatures of the night.

On „Curious Saint“ you will feel the intimacy of a slow dance blues in a smoky bar. „Bang“ really let you drop off your pants by this relaxed striptease number! Subtle hurdy-gurdy sounds complement the paranoid ghost-train atmosphere of „No (Para) ID“. With „Zomb Raider“ you are on the meditative road trip to limbo state, wherefore there is even an XL version. „Amnesias Lost Souls“ is another dark pearl in this mystical Jambalaya.

Neither amnesia nor a coma will let you forget this opus!


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