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Vududldi Records is the home of independent artists like the fantastic ambient queen MC Grisdinili or the progressive experimental Jakes Trash.

Our Ladys Transbavaria Psychosista and Mata Hara Kiri assure with tracks far away from mainstream.


MC Grisdinili‘s 7th album is released! It is the 40th release of Vududldi Records - yeah!

On the 3rd of March 2021 the album „Emma C. Passion“ by MC Grisdinili is ready for download!

A good year after the highly acclaimed "Lots of Sapra", the 7th album of MC Grisdinili will be released in early March.

The new album offers space adventures with TARDIS, summer thunderstorms with PETRICHOR, golden swing with OLD STAGER, official western music with DRIVING HANGMAN and much more.

Even with this disc, MC G cannot be calculated and log time ago she empancipated herself from the mainstream.

All songs are characterized by their clear and powerful sound. Treat yourself to this feast for the ears.


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