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Vududldi Records is the home of independent artists like the fantastic ambient queen MC Grisdinili or the progressive experimental Jakes Trash.

Our Ladys Transbavaria Psychosista and Mata Hara Kiri assure with tracks far away from mainstream.


Dancing on Air - Mata Hara-Kiri‘s 3rd album is released!

On the 31st of October 2021 the album „Dancing on Air“ by Mata Hara-Kiri is ready for download!

As the album title suggests, the songs on Mata Hra-Kiri‘s 3rd album are about the dance between worlds - about the borderlines between life and death - between the world we know and the unknown - between here and now and the past.  

The songs are dark dance numbers with melancholical guitars and world elements. The first number „Bragi“ pays homage to the Norse god of poetry who greets the fallen heroes in Valhalla.

We recommend listening in the dark.


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